Saturday, April 5, 2008

Opening Day! Part 4.5 of 5 - Reaction and Reflection

Drunken Jays fan discusses last night far better then I could have.

Since I am boycotting the Jays, I became a Red Sox fan last night. The JD Drew home run-which he had been swinging for since his first at bat-was extremely pleasing as the "fans" (Home Opener fans, whom I like to compare to Sunday Christians or Sabbath Jews) were really riding Drew all game. Now I have no problem with some good ol' heckling, but the "Dreeeeeeew" whammy does grow old after 3 innings. Step it up with some comedy. Maybe bring Drew's terrible health into the equation. Anytime I hear "Manny Sucks", I simply laugh.

In fact, any time I heard the phrase "Red Sox Suck", I laugh. I mean, I'm not a Red Sox fan, but I can see that they won the World Series in 2007. I would give it until at least mid-May before claiming that last year's best team 'Sucks'. This would be like calling Bill Belichick a bad coach.

A couple other interesting observations.
  1. People called into the Fan 590 last night complaining about the excessive drinking and frat like atmosphere. To that I say, "Welcome to professional sports". That atmosphere is what is making the rest of the sports market in North America billions of dollars.
  2. This is kind of a continuation of the first comment. Beer at the Sky Dome was $7 for a bottle last night. That's an outstanding profit of over 250%.
  3. Jays "fans" cannot accept their Opening Day gifts. At least they have gotten rid of the magnetic schedules which can really fly.
  4. Field Turf is as bad as Astro Turf.
  5. The Uniforms last night were as ugly as the 30+ year old man in front of me bringing a baseball glove. Mind you, I was sitting in the 200 level outfield, but what are the odds? And how can you feel proud?
  6. I hate the wave! Watch the game.

As for the actual baseball...
  1. Shaun Marcum really had his change up working. Once the Sox realized that was his go to pitch, they began teeing off on him.
  2. The Red Sox were 'lucky' in 2007. They were 'unlucky' last night. I see a trend establishing. That is, of the last 6 World Series champions, 4 have not made the playoffs the following year. I called it!
  3. Tim Wakefield is the most entertaining pitcher to watch. He throws batting practice fastballs which make for every at bat to be a hilarious one.
  4. Jeremy Accardo should remain as the Jays primary closer even when BJ Ryan returns. If everyone in Toronto can play up to their potential, this should be an exciting season for the Blue Birds.
  5. Is Brian Tallet really going to be the Jays top set up man?

Last nights game was entertaining, but I don't know how many more Jays games I can go to. Last night was as good as it gets, and it was still terrible.

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