Friday, April 11, 2008

Opening Day! Part 5 of 5 - Let's Go Buff-A-Lo!

Finally an Opening Day that I can attend and truly enjoy. The weather is looking questionable, as is tradition at Dunn Tire Park, but being outside for a ballgame is what truly kicks off Spring for me.

The Bison's have an old squad this year and it is probably one of the worst in recent memory. Thanks to Mark Shapiro and his slow and steady approach with youngsters there are a lot of old players playing well above their level of competition. I am crossing my fingers that Adam Miller recovers from his bizarre injury and is able to take the mound, but it is looking like the crafy left hander Jeremy Sowers will take the bump for Opening Day.

I am disappointed that Chuck Lofgren was sent down to Double A to start the year, I'm not sure he has much to prove and his control issues can be worked on at any level. His numbers from last year do not tell of the pitcher he is, as he was very unlucky to have a high batting average of balls in play.

Also of concern, is the rationale behind sending Trevor Crowe back to Akron. Crowe started the 2007 season off in a mess, this after being shuffled between the outfield and infield during Winter League play. However, even through the difficulties at the plate (mostly due to poor luck) Crowe managed to keep his walk and strikeout rates at a strong level. If he stays in Akron, Crowe will reach about 1000 Double A at bats, which certainly will stunt his growth and potential, we've seen what keeping a player down too long can do to Goleski, why do the same to Crowe?

Ugh! I'm sounding like a blogging-fan now!

Let's go Buff-A-Lo!

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