Monday, March 10, 2008

The Delay Will not be Televised

Consider, if you may, a delay of game and a rain delay. Why is it that one is shown and the other is bogged down with replays of the worst made for TV movies there is? To be honest, the station that flips to this terrible replay of The Babysitter's Seduction is going to lose me in 35 seconds (Keri Russell was in that made for TV movie), had they instead shown a repeat of TWIB, or even had their TV commentator's spar with the Radio commentator's I would be saved from doing anything else. Alas, in football they will talk about how the team is 7 for 64 in 3rd and long situations and baseball digresses to made for TV movies.

My delay in posts has not been entirely my fault. True, I have not made an original for The Outsiders Look post in a very long time, however, I have been busy writing. Ironically, even with the lack of writing I have done for this, another website has asked me to come aboard and be a contributor for it. Obviously I graciously accepted.

The Fantasy Baseball Generals is a fantasy baseball site (I'm not a fan of the term blog) which does, in my opinion, the best job at covering fantasy baseball from the perspective of the fantasy baseball player. The authors at The Fantasy Baseball Generals are not experts nor are they fan persuaded nor beat writers, simply they are fantasy baseball players, covering fantasy baseball.

In my first article for The Fantasy Baseball Generals, I write about two, very under the radar players to consider for your fantasy drafts. I intend to do so on a weekly basis, if not more frequently, where I will give suggestions as to the players that one should consider at the very end of the draft. Check out Take a Chance on Me.

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