Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Return of...Chatter from the Bleachers

There's a new trilogy, a new best trilogy.

Over at Baseball Digest Daily, "Team 1" was asked the following questions:

Question 1: BP's PECOTA system has projected the Yankees to win 97 games without any moves. And it's projected Boston to win 90. Yet, most people believe the Red Sox are the clear favorite, to the point that one writer this winter suggested that the 2008 Boston Red Sox may go down as the best team in history. What's really going to happen in the AL East in 2008, and why?
Question 2: What is your opinion on costly closers and relievers? Is it worth it? How would you, as a GM, handle your pitching staff when it comes to signing them? Would you invest elsewhere and rely on your farm system? Explain.

For further details on Question 1, take a look at my Division by Division Preview of the AL East. I make some bold predictions with each of my predictions, but I truly will be surprised if Tampa Bay doesn't really challenge for first in the division. A lot of people are saying it won't happen until Davis and Price are full timers with the club, but I see a team that is currently good enough, combined with enough top notch prospects to make a lot of noise.

Swing over to BDD to check out my responses.

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