Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day! Part 3 of 5 - It Doesn't Get Any Better

This is officially the best day in all of professional sports. Major League Baseball's Opening Day represents the beginning of professional sports in North America. The only sport to truly exist during a single calendar year. And despite MLB's best marketing attempts, the Monday that the season begins, is and will always be the real Opening Day.

Consider a day in the baseball season where every teams top pitcher is on the bump. Where one can flip between Sabathia and Buehrle to Webb and Harang or Halladay and Wang to Sheets and Zambrano. Even the minor bumps and bruises are not felt on Opening Day as the players themselves are as excited as the fans are.

I do, have one issue with Opening Day. Why is it that teams such as the Tigers and Indians are hosting games on March 31st? While weather is not likely to drastically turn around by the end of the week, is the probability not greater that Mother Nature will be nicer a week further into spring?

Sit back and enjoy the day. With 183 days remaining in the season you do have plenty of time to take it all in. But there is no other day in sports, let alone baseball, that is like Opening Day.

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