Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Preview of Things to Come....

With the baseball season just around the corner, I figure it is a good time to get things organized and present you with a plan of action going forward.

First, the third issue of Fantasy Fridays should be up at Baseball Digest Daily in a day or so. I will also make sure that my response to BDD's Chatter from the Bleachers are in on time and linked here, with a little further explanation.

Additionally, the second Take a Chance on Me article will be up at The Fantasy Baseball Generals shortly. Also at FBG, each of the writers will be involved in a round table discussion concerning all things fantasy. I'm excited for the first edition to be posted, which should occur in the next couple of days.

However, with that, it has gotten be away from, well, what enabled me the opportunities to write for two great websites. And that is writing articles for The Outsiders Look. That said, I will keep on track and begin writing with regularity here. Up next will be division by division previews where I will take a look at each club, what they did during the off season and my bold predictions for 2008.

Once the season has started I will have two additional series' to add to my current lineup of Fantasy Fridays and Take a Chance on Me. The first, will come out on Mondays and focus on all things in the Minor Leagues. I will pick a player of the week, as well as discussing each major league farm system-a week by week review. The next article will be a return of my Under the Radar column, where I will take a look at happenings around the league that went, you guessed it, 'under the radar'.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy.

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