Monday, March 31, 2008

Fantasy Baseball Generals Speculator Part Three - Preseason Picks

"I started a joke, That started the whole world laughing. If I'd only seen, That the joke was on me."
- James William Hindle, 2001

In this week's Speculator I go out on a limb with far too many of my pre-season predictions. I will not try to defend my ration for doing so, rather I will let the season play out. Well, here they are:

I am traditionally terrible at doing long term picks for things like this, but here goes...

American League
Rookie of the Year - Philip Humber - I see this years crew of Rookie eligible players to be quite weak in the American League.

Most Valuable Player - Grady Sizemore - I think this is the year he goes for 40 home runs and the Indians give him a long look at the cleanup slot.

Cy Young - Felix Hernandez - I think this is the year the kid breaks outs and finally learns how to pitch. The Mariners should win a lot of games.

National League
Rookie of the Year - Jay Bruce - It’s only a matter of time before he is given the full time job in Cincinnati.

Most Valuable Player - Albert Pujols - The elbow issue is more media then reality. Having Glaus behind him will be incredible.

Cy Young - Johan Santana - Sometimes things are just obvious.

Division Winners:
American League
East - Tampa Bay Rays
- They have a team of breakout candidates, a deep rotation and a deep bullpen. Not to mention loads of trade options.

Central - Cleveland Indians - Division got tougher, but the Indians had a lot of poor luck.

West - Seattle Mariners - The Angels are beat up and the rest of the division stinks.

Wild Card - Toronto Blue Jays - This is dependent on an unhealthy team getting healthy.

National League
East - Philadelphia Phillies - Offensively, it’s tough to match what they've got.

Central - St. Louis Cardinals - I like their pitching depth and feel as though they will be greatly underrated offensively. Watch for the breakout candidates.

West - Arizona Diamondbacks - I think Haren and a healthy RJ has them coasting. If the kids improve they will be unstoppable.

Wild Card - Los Angeles Dodgers - A solid rotation with a deep lineup featuring a good amount of youth. I really just want to see Kershaw pitch.

Head to The Fantasy Baseball Generals to see the entire staff's picks for the 2008 season.

I was supposed to make my World Series prediction but forgot and kind of didn't have time to take care of sending it to Patrick. My WS prediction will have the Los Angeles Dodgers facing off against the Cleveland Indians. In one of the best World Series' in recent memory, the Dodgers take care of the Indians in 6 games.

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