Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fantasy Baseball Generals Speculator Part Eight - Two's Got Two...

In this week's edition of The Fantasy Baseball Generals Speculator the discussion revolves around Yankees captain Derek Jeter.

Prior to posting my comments, the editor-Mr DiCaprio (the better looking of the infamous DiCaprio's)-reminded the readers of my outstanding pick that is the Cardinals winning the NL Central. Here is what I had to say...
I think it depends what you ‘need’ Jeter for and how your team is constructed. Obviously Jeter is underperforming based on what his ADP and current ranking are, however Jeter is always over valued at drafts to begin with. In addition, those who drafted Jeter had to expect somewhat of a fall off considering his age, and the recent late-career resurgence he has discovered.

All that being said, one can still expect Jeter to finish with 100 Runs, 70 RBIs, 10 HRs, 10 SBs and a .300 batting average. If you expected more, then yes ’sell Jeter’. If you expected less, then ‘buy Jeter’.

However, it also goes down to what your team ‘needs’. If you are a team that is set for power and steals, Jeter is ideal. If you own an Adam Dunn or other batting average leach, Jeter is again ideal. Personally, I prefer speed from my middle infield slots, I feel power is over valued in those areas. With that in mind, Jeter is an ideal player to buy low, as it is nearly certain that he will bounce back to more ‘typical’ Jeter numbers.

Check out what the other Generals had to say about number 2.

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