Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Adam Miller Watch - Spring Training 2009

I thought adding days to spring was a good thing?

According to AP sports writer Ronald Blum, due to the 2nd annual World Baseball Classic, Spring Training will undergo some changes to its 2009 schedule. Namely, we will get to see pitchers and catchers report 6 days earlier.

In addition to this, the mandatory date for all players to show up to Spring Training has been moved up from March 5th to February 22nd. To me, this is excellent news. It also reminded me to put my name in for World Baseball Classic tickets at the Rogers Dome.

This also reminded me that I haven't done an Adam Miller Watch in quite some time.

Adam Miller, who as some of you remember, entered 2008 as the Indians top prospect and one of the top prospects in baseball. He began the 2008 season on the disabled list, but upon return, fired things up en route to 4 very promising starts. His pitch counts were high, as Miller struggled to make it through the early innings in some poor Buffalo weather. Despite this, Miller still looked dominating, giving the Indians reason to believe he would be a factor for the team by seasons end.

However, as has been customary with Miller, he found himself hurt again. This injury knocked him out for the year as the Indians medical staff performed a procedure they hoped would cure his lingering problems.

Miller, who been with the Indians instructional league team in Arizona, is now headed in a new direction, at least temporarily. The Indians are working on adding Miller to the bullpen, and seeing how his body fares against the work load of a reliever.

In any event, 6 extra days of Spring will certainly help me get through the winter.

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