Thursday, September 25, 2008

Octoberquest 2008 - Cubs v. Mets

Following tonight's action through's GAMEDAY, I came across one of the most hilarious lineups in recent memory. Keep in mind, this lineup is comical mostly due to what it is replacing, and due to the fact that if the Cubs pull out this same lineup against the Brewers on the weekend, Mets fans will be up in arms about it.

Here it is:

LF - F. Pie
SS - R. Theriot
1B - M. Hoffapauir
CF - J. Edmonds
2B - M. Fontenot
3B - C. McGehee
RF - K. Fukudome
C - K. Hill

The Cubbies typical lineup:

LF - A. Soriano
SS - R. Theriot
1B - D. Lee
3B - A. Ramirez
2B - M. DeRosa
C - G. Soto
CF - J. Edmonds
RF - K. Fukudome

In other words, the Cubs sent out their B squad, keeping in only their worst 'regulars'. Utilizing David Pinto's lineup analysis tool, the B Squad would put up at most 3.992 runs per game. By comparison, the A squad would put up at most 5.319 runs per game. A substantial deviation of nearly 1.5 runs per game. In other words, that would be like swapping the leagues worst offensive team (San Diego at 3.94 runs per game) with the leagues best offensive team (Texas at 5.54 runs per game).

If the Mets don't win this game, they have only themselves to blame.

As a side note, I have to tip my hate to Lou. He set up his rotation to perfection for his run into the playoffs. Both Carlos Zambrano and Rich Harden will have the ideal amount of rest for their series against the eventual 'wildcard' team.

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