Thursday, September 4, 2008

Instant Replay Debate

I truly and honestly do not understand how the committee that decided Adam LaRoche's 'hit' against CC Sabathia on Sunday, August 31st could use 'replays' of the play and save face. Consider that instant replay, according to MLB rules, is intended for 'boundary calls'. Boundary calls, do not include questionable singles.

Thus, the committee members should not have utilized instant replay nor should a committee member be allowed to chime in on the situation if they had seen the play on more then one instance.

According to,
According to MLB's statement, "The committee held an extensive and constructive discussion after viewing footage of the play in question and considering the documentation presented by the Brewers. It was the collective decision of the committee that the judgment of the scorer was not 'clearly erroneous,' which is the standard set forth in Official Scoring Rule 10.01(a), and thus did not meet the criteria for League reversal of the call."
So apparently instant replay will be used for boundary calls and potential scoring errors. I know Ques-tec is still set up in a lot of ballparks, is there any need to not reboot that system and eliminate umpires altogether? I hear swimming has a pretty decent invention that could be utilized for plays on the bases.

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