Sunday, September 28, 2008

'Closing' Day

187 days ago the first 'meaningful' pitch was thrown, over 6 months later the 2008 season is merely hours from being completed. While some may see this as a somber afternoon, a day in which a season of hope and desire has come to an end, the beginning of a cold and dark winter, I see the finale of baseball's regular season as simply another section of the great story we give so much too.

While today will mark the official end of the season for many teams, the fact is, most were eliminated long before the season even began. There were certain teams, that despite a hot start, or an impressive string of victories, were simply over matched. There were teams that dug themselves into a hole too deep to get out of. By the mid-summer classic, one could have reasonably eliminated half of the teams in the league and come up with 10 teams that were legitimate contenders. Even a 2007 Colorado Rockies-type surge, as improbable as it is, wouldn't have been enough for many 'fringe' contenders.

Today we say good-bye, but realistically, that should have been done months ago. The playoffs will begin, and for as exciting as they are, they fall short of the grind that is baseball's regular season. From the early Valentine's Day present of pitchers and catchers reporting, to mid-summer fireworks. From milestone accomplishments, to historic happenings. No matter how the season plays out (cliche alert) there cannot truly be a loser during a given baseball season.

Over the next few days I will reflect on the season. I will discuss my predictions and preview the post season action. WWOD will continue looking at the 'have nots' and how they can become the 2009 version of the 2008 teams they are so jealous of.

The off-season, despite its name, is not time to take 'off' at all. Enjoy this dark and gloomy day.

Go Brew Crew!

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