Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Come Join Us"

From Baseball Digest Daily,
Join Joe Hamrahi, Eric SanInoncencio, Bill Baer, Rob McQouwn, Michael Street, Brandon Heikoop and Brian Joseph in a live blog/chat tonight for Game 2 of the '08 World Series between the Tampa Bay Rays and Philadelphia Phillies.

The Live Blog kicks off roughly 45 minutes before first pitch at 7:45 PM. Be there for all the insights from the team and expect commentary and additional facts and stats to enhance your viewing experience (although it's doubtful anyone can hold a candle to Tim McCarver's wittiness).

Click here or on the link below to join the Live Blog. (Blog will appear in a pop-up window and start at 7:45 PM.)
BDD WS Game 2 Live Blog and Chat

I am still only tentatively scheduled to be a part of this although will be making my best effort to be there for the action. Brian has assured me that there will be ample of topics to discuss and debate. This is a trial thing for us at BDD and I certainly hope it works out, as this could be a fun and interactive way for myself, my colleagues, and baseball fans from all over to discuss the game we are all so fascinated with.

Hope to see each and everyone of you there.

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