Tuesday, October 14, 2008


My writing here has been slightly limited, although I hope there is a slight amount of grace given the news that was recently unveiled by Baseball Digest Daily-where I have been spending more and more time writing lately.

Today, Joe Hamrahi, President and Founder of Basebll Digest Daily, and Baseball Prospectus officially joined in a partnership that will see Joe Hamrahi taking over as CFO of BP's parent company, Prospectus Entertainment Venture.

As per the press release,

Chicago, IL (October 10, 2008) – Prospectus Entertainment Ventures, LLC, owner of BaseballProspectus.com (BP), today announced the acquisition of BaseballDigestDaily.com from Sports Digest Daily, LLC. As a condition of the sale, Joe Hamrahi, founder and president of BDD, has agreed to become the Chief Financial Officer of PEV.

PEV’s decision to acquire Baseball Digest Daily further enhances the content offerings of Baseball Prospectus by adding some of the game’s best analysts as well as over 100 pages of baseball news and original content. In addition, BDD’s player tracker provides a platform for serious fans and fantasy baseball enthusiasts to easily monitor the progress of their teams, allowing users to manipulate and track the progress of an unlimited set of players over a customized period of time.

Hamrahi brings more than twenty years of finance and accounting experience to PEV. He is a licensed CPA in the state of New York and holds a BA in economics from Binghamton University and an MBA in accounting from Baruch College. Joe is a skilled businessman who is known and respected among major and minor league baseball executives alike.

“We are excited to add Baseball Digest Daily and Joe Hamrahi to the PEV family,” said Kevin Goldstein, PEV executive and senior writer for Baseball Prospectus. “We believe that BDD will help continue Baseball Prospectus’ reputation as the leader in baseball analysis. And positioning Joe as our CFO not only strengthens our front office, but provides us with the business leadership we need to grow the company.”

I am absolutely thrilled with this news. Not only is it good news for Joe, who went out and gave me a chance to write for BDD after minimal experience as a baseball writer, but this is incredible news for BDD and all of it's readers. Joining with such a reputable baseball research website such as BP will allow BDD to continue to grow as well as adding readership.

Onto the selfishly good news. Joe's association with BP and PEV and the subsequent BDD association with said company will not only add quite the impressive line to my resume, I will also have access to tools and databases that were never before available to me-the extent of which, even I am not sure of at this point. These tools, while predominantly utilized for BDD, will also improve the content here at TheOLIB.

This, as I mentioned, is very exciting news. I will post more when I find out the extent of my BP association-if at all! Even if I do not directly have an association with BP, the added exposure to BDD cannot be seen as a negative for me personally.

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