Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Divisional Series Predictions

Over at Baseball Digest Daily, each of the writers chimed in with their Divisional Series predictions, check out their comments here, and their predictions below:

As you can see, Timm Davis is the only other author who knows what he is talking about. Here's how I break down the Divisional Series'.

American League

Tampa Bay Rays versus the Chicago White Sox:

If Scott Kazmir had shown a little more composure this season, I would call this a sweep. However, I see him taking away the Rays home field advantage by letting his emotions get to him in game two. It was, in my opinion, a great idea for Madden to give Shields the ball for the first game. I just hope that MLB's agreement with Stub Hub doesn't ruin the Rays home field advantage.

The White Sox are a veteran team and have been here before. It is difficult to find a weak link in their lineup and this team will be running off adrenaline this series. That said, this club does not have extraordinarily reliable pitching and is somewhat weak defensively. Those are the keys to winning in October, not home runs.

Tampa Bay takes the series in five games.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim versus the Boston Red Sox:

This year, the Angels and Red Sox are in opposite positions. In 2007, the Sox had home field advantage, while the Angels were playing with a bunch of wounded soldiers. This year, the Angels, with the additions of Mark Teixeira and Torri Hunter, have a healthy lineup and are ready to make a run. Whereas the Sox have lost the home field advantage that Fenway adds, are fairly dinged up, not knowing who will be healthy and how effective they will be, and are missing one of the greatest playoff hitters of all time, Manny Ramirez.

I am taking the Angels to win two close ones in Anaheim and for Josh Beckett to not be his typical playoff savior. Angels in three.

National League

Chicago Cubs versus the Los Angeles Dodgers:

The Cubs have been the class of the National League and have one of baseball's top home records. This is as complete of a team as there is in baseball. The team and its fans expect them to win, this is finally their year...Or is it?

The Dodgers have turned things around with the arrival of Manny and are firing on all cylinders. While the club is largely inexperienced, Casey Blake's beard, coupled with Joe Torre's managerial skills are what sets this club a part.

The Dodgers need to steal one early in Chicago and hold home field advantage in Hollywood. I'm taking the Dodgers to win in three.

Philadelphia Phillies versus the Milwaukee Brewers:

With the Brewers riding high the Phillies certainly have to worry about letting one slip away. While the Phil's bullpen has been unbeatable this year, the odds are they let one slip away on the big stage that October presents.

Despite CC Sabathia's wishes, he will not be starting every game of this series. He will take the mound for game 2 and presumably for game 5. If the Brewers can hit enough to win one of the other three games, they are in. I'm pinning that victory in game 4, at home, with Yovanni Gallardo saving the day pitching in relief.

Brewers take the series in five.

There you have it, my Division Series picks.


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Paul Miles said...

Brewers in five? Hope you didn't put too much scratch on that action.

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