Friday, June 13, 2008


This won't be filed under 'Article of the Week' as it really isn't an article. It is just something that made me laugh out loud over a bowl of Cookie Crisp.

Courtesy Geoff Young of Baseball Digest Daily
I don't really have any words to accompany this...

Miguel Cabrera: .278/.354/.461, 9 HR, $11.3 million
Jorge Cantu: .291/.341/.524, 14 HR, $0.5 million

Let's not even talk about Dontrelle Willis...

But let's take a look at it from a more neutral standpoint. From the statistical reference that accounts for league and ballpark adjustments as well as a little bit of clutch, The Hardball Times' Win Shares.

According to the Win Shares measure, which also takes into account defensive play, Cabrera has 6 WS and Cantu has 5.

In other words, for $10.8M you too can earn an extra win. That sounds about right.

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