Saturday, June 21, 2008

Call YOUR Shot

I'm certain by now everyone has heard of the contest that Major League Baseball and State Farm are running. Where you the fan get to "stand at home plate with the two State Farm® Home Run Derby® finalists and call your shot for a chance to win a Chevy Tahoe hybrid."

Now this is a fine looking contest, one that I did not hesitate to enter. However, much of the promotion behind the contest is to call David Ortiz's home run. Honestly, I am fine with that, who wouldn't want to call Papi's home run? I would imagine even the most ignorant Yankees fan would have no problem with this.

I do, however have a problem with the logo behind the promotion. If the hitter is intended to be David Ortiz, whom is left handed, and shapely, why is the hitter clearly right handed and obviously fit?

That Ortiz is injured and is highly unlikely to participate in the Home Run derby only adds to the flaws behind this promotion.

In any event, it would be kind of cool to win this contest and win a trip to the City. I also think, that if anyone signs up for this contest because of me, they should be required to at least send me some pictures.

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