Thursday, June 19, 2008

Notta Milestone (/or Article of the Week)

So this is officially post #100. Not really a big deal, but something I am happy with nonetheless.

The focus of this post however is to direct you to Drunk Jays Fans website. Do this for a few purposes in the next 24 hours.

First, that laughter you are hearing from us in the North, thats Blue Jays GM JP Riccardi talking on the FAN 590 asserting that Cincinnati slugger Adam Dunn 'does not like baseball'. Whether this is true or not, the fact that Jays fans want this guy in Toronto only helps prove how little the Canadian 'baseball fan' knows about the sport.

Second, Mr. Prince Fielder hit an inside the park home run this afternoon. While it did not go without controversy, I can't wait to read what the Drunk Jays Fans have to say about Prince rounding the bases. It's too bad I am not certain what the DJF stance on instant replay is, otherwise I could have a good time with that while we wait for the rant.

Third, ex-Blue Jay David Bush nearly no-hit the Jays. He entered the 8th inning with a no-no before Overbay led off the inning with a triple. Actually, wait for Mike Wilner's show tonight to hear Jays fans call in asking why Riccardi gave away Bush.

Lastly, the DJF often lose it when the Jays stink it up. Be it leaving runners on base, or not knocking in a runner in scoring position, or just general knocks about David Eckstein. But either way, the Jays made an outstanding come back this afternoon shaving a 8 run down to a single run in the top of the 9th.

Check out the graph below for the win probability of this afternoons game (Courtesy Fan Graphs):

In other words, the ball game was well over while Bush was no hitting the Jays. DJF were presumably planning a great piece talking about how terrible the Jays were. And rightfully so, Mike Wilner was looking for ways to continually defend the Jays inept offense.

Either way, this should be an interesting 24 hours within the Jays blogosphere.

Better yet, Super Joe Inglett mashed a grand slam!

I'll post updates as they arise.

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