Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Article of the Week for the Week of June 15 - 21

The Onion yet again steps up with an outstanding article. Typically the articles have little to do with baseball, or if they do, they are more satire then anything that is legitimate to the baseball community.

However, on June 19th, The Onion released an article titled, "Fantasy Baseball Owner Rips Team in Media".

Really, the article is self-explanatory and has language which I have chosen to avoid here. To summarize, it is mocking the actions that each and every fantasy owner, in any sport, wants to one day take part in. To pull aside our players and ask them why it was so tough to leg out that triple, or how tough it is to put the ball in play with a runner on third and two outs.

Sam Walker's FantasyLand does touch on this subject, as author Sam Walker utilizes his press privileges to get into the clubhouse and...
In the middle of May, with my team safely ensconced in second place, I reloaded my beat-up wheelie bag for a trip to Toronto. With the Minnesota Twins due to arrive there for three games with the Blue Jays, I'll have nine of my players in the two dugouts, the highest concentration at any ballpark so far this season. This will be my first chance to try my hand at "managing" my team.
Check out the article at The Onion, and if you are heading on a vacation, I suggest reading FantasyLand. It is simple and fun, the way fantasy sports were meant to be.

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