Thursday, June 19, 2008

Recent BDD Action

A couple things for everyone to take note of...

The first, I have added a link to my 'Suggested Websites' sidebar called Brandon's BDD Blog. If you head to that link, you will have more up to date access to my blogs at Baseball Digest Daily. Or, you can click here.

Next up, with more time, and summer in full gear, I have been able to sit down and watch more ballgames. With that has come the ability to report more news. Over at Baseball Digest Daily I have been reporting injuries as I come across them live and give my opinion/understanding of the injury as it occurs. Here are my most recent entries:
As you can see, I have been reporting these findings the second they occur. Baseball Digest Daily is rapidly growing and I am thrilled to be apart of such an outstanding website. Additions to the site seem to be happening weekly, the most recent of which is a weekly Radio show, Thursday's at 6pm EST. The first of which will be tonight, Thursday June 19, 2008, check it out.

Finally, this is post #99 of The Outsiders Look. While things here have been sporadic and several of the series' which I was incredibly excited about have faded, I am glad to see that the readership has grown. While I am not in need of my own server anytime soon, having regular readers definitely keeps my motivation high.

With that said, is there anything that you the reader wish for me to add? Anything I should return to doing?

As always, thanks for reading!

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