Thursday, June 26, 2008

Recent BDD Action

A couple things for everyone to take note of...

The first, I have added a link to my 'Suggested Websites' sidebar called Brandon's BDD Blog. If you head to that link, you will have more up to date access to my blogs at Baseball Digest Daily. Or, you can click here.

The last week was a busy one for me as BDD, and one that I am definitely proud of. Here are the stories that I reported:
  • WEEI in Boston reported that Curt Schilling will undergo season ending surgery.
  • Taking credit with first reporting the story to the interweb, FAN 590 in Toronto reports that manager John Gibbons and much of his staff will be fired. The replacements were later reported as the coaching staff from the early 90s. An interesting move by the Jays.
  • Blogger Awards were given out. MVP, Cy Young, and Rookie of the Year were voted on and reflected upon for the American League up to June 15th.
  • King Felix hits a dinger and leaves game with an injury. This looked extremely serious and the star power of Hernandez seemed to be worthy of reporting. New reports suggest Hernandez will not miss a turn in the rotation, but at the time, the injury looked significant enough to set him down for some time.

As I mentioned, it was a relatively busy week reporting baseball news for Baseball Digest Daily. It makes it easy when there is a lot of news to report.

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